Wage calculator

The wage calculator enables you to estimate the amount of the TyEL insurance contribution as well as other costs of hiring an employee. Please remember that the estimate given by the Wage calculator is approximate. The costs are also affected by the relevant collective agreement and the number of holidays and absences due to illness, among others.

Enter employee information and calculate labour costs

You can enter earnings information for an individual employee and add other employees as needed. You can also enter, as gross earnings, the total payroll sum for all employees in the same age group.

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Wages/salary paid to the employee:

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Employer’s TyEL insurance contribution:

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Other statutory indirect labour costs payable by the employer:

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What do labour costs consist of?

Enter the required information and press Calculate to get an estimate of the overall costs of hiring an employee. You can update the estimate by entering new information.

As a TyEL contract employer, you are entitled to Elo’s discounts and annual client bonuses.

Hey entrepreneur, are your YEL matters up to date?

Elo’s versatile YEL calculator enables you to see how the amount of the reported YEL income will impact on the amount of your future pension and insurance contributions. You can also see how your YEL income would affect different social benefits, such as the sickness allowance.

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